What do we do?

SÁENZ & ASOCIADOS has established the Economic - Financial Department, with the aim of incorporating a specialized service in these areas, which complements the legal service it already provides to its clients; thus expanding the offer of a comprehensive service, in a single advisory entity, and throughout the Central American region. National and foreign investors, as well as local small and medium-sized companies, can count on advice ranging from the country's social, economic, political, environmental and legal analysis, to support in investment vehicle negotiations, as well as in the obtaining financial leverage in national and international banks, and in the ordering of their corporate finances. 
We will accompany our clients in negotiation and mediation processes and in commercial arbitrations, where economic-financial assistance and advice is highly relevant, in that order, the Economic-Financial Department will join us in the work teams for the defense of our clients interests. This service can also be provided to other law firms or companies that require it. 
We are also focusing our service in advising on tax and fiscal planning of companies, including small and medium-sized companies, and accompaniment and representation in tax and fiscal disputes, in administrative and judicial headquarters. 
The Economic and Financial Department will be in charge of professionals with high academic training and experience in these areas and we have entered into a strategic alliance with CEO ADVISORS, a consulting firm of recognized prestige, based in Miami, with operations in the United States and Latin America; DEICO, a consulting firm with more than 30 years of experience advising companies seeking economic growth in El Salvador; and with Avelar Consultores, with extensive experience in tax and fiscal matters. 

Among the services to be provided by the Economic and Financial Department, are following: refinancing and debt restructuring; company valuations; financial feasibility studies and business plans; structuring of trusts and fiduciary investments; Capital raising (equity) with private and / or institutional investors; advice on structuring debt securities to be placed on the El Salvador Stock Exchange; consulting in financial and real estate securitization processes; and fiscal and tax diagnosis; advice on these matters, locally and internationally; and the accompaniment and representation, in administrative and judicial venues, in tax and fiscal disputes.

Mario Enrique Sáenz- Sáenz y Asociados El Salvador
Armando Enrique Maldonado- DEICO- Sáenz y Asociados El Salvador
Luis Gerardo Hernández- Sáenz y Asociados El Salvador
Roberto J. Argüello- CEO ADVISORS
Mario Enrique Sáenz Jr.-  CEO ADVISORS
Carlos Iván Aizpurúa G. - CEO ADVISORS
José David Avelar – Avelar Consultores

It’s a strategic, financial and investment banking management consulting firm with operations in South Florida, Central America, South America and the Caribbean. The Miami-based firm works with approximately 150 private companies to strengthen their business models and core businesses, as well as to develop market routing strategies to successfully enter new markets and geographies. Current and past clients include US "Fortune 500" companies, European, Mexican and multilateral corporations such as: McDonald's, BellSouth Latin America (now AT&T), Telefonica Moviles, Chevron Texaco, ExxonMobil, Shell, Tyson Foods, Cemex, Femsa, PWC Inter-America, IUSA, Inter-American Investment Corporation, Grupo Estrella, Cerveceria Centroamericana, GE Latin America, UPS Latin America, Central American Bank for Economic Integration, Casa Pellas, Banco G&T Continental, Production Bank, Credichips, Cable Onda, Medcom, Argos, Norfund Latin America.

DEICO has experience and extensive knowledge of the operation of the private and public sectors. The fields of work mainly include, among others, the formulation and implementation of monitoring and evaluation information systems, the conduct of studies and research in the economic and social area, and business advice.

DEICO is a Salvadoran firm established in 1985, date from which it has provided specialized professional services to public and private organizations, nationally and internationally. It has served more than 125 Non-Governmental Organizations and Community Development Associations and approximately 200 productive companies and grassroots organizations. It has also worked for cooperation agencies, private voluntary organizations, private companies, and educational and research institutions; work in which more than 20,000 people have been beneficiary participants at different levels of implementation.


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