Lineth chavez principal

Linett Zhorell Chávez Ortíz

National Institution Autonomous University of Nicaragua, Managua, Nicaragua, authorized to practice law since25 / 07/2017 Degree obtained: Law Degree. Santa María University, Caracas, Venezuela. Year of graduation: 1999, Degree obtained: Lawyer. Specialization in Contracts and Commerce Law from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​Spain (2006); Specialization in Public Management of the National Experimental University of the Armed Forces. Caracas, Venezuela (2005); Lawyer of the Santa María University in Caracas, Venezuela (1999).

  • Spanish
  • Portuguese



She has been authorized to practice law since February 2000. She started as a Scribe of the Martial Court of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (1994-1999), then passed as a Lawyer in the Fundación Proyecto País (2000-2002); in the Legal Consultancy of the Ministry of Defense of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (2002-2007): at Hidrológica de Venezuela-Hidroven (2007-2008) as a Lawyer in the Tender Management.

She has been a Professor in the Fundamentals of Law, Cultural Training I, Commercial Legislation at the Alejandro de Humboldt University of Venezuela (2007-2009); National Experimental University of the National Armed Force (UNEFA), Venezuela, in the Chair of Community Social Work, Public Accounting and Fiscal Legislation (2008-2009); and in the University College Francisco de Miranda (CUFM), in the Chair of Legislation and Customs Technique, Commercial Legislation, Legal Framework of Organizations I Legal Framework of Organizations II, Labor Law, Public Budget, Private Budget, Government Accounting, Formulation and Project Evaluation, Management Skills. (2007-2015). He has held positions from 2008 to 2015 as the National Budget Office (ONAPRE) of the Ministry of Finance and positions in the Corporation for Scientific and Technological Development (CODECYT) of the Ministry of University Education, Science and Technology.

Practice areas:

  • Mercantile
  • Labor
  • Civil
  • Administrative


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